Johnny Miller

Children's Pastor Profile

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  • Nobody knows that I: Galloped race thoroughbreds when I was a kid
  • I’m happiest when: Playing with Jax & Pate
  • On my iPod: Bluegrass Gospel & Children’s Worship
  • The one book (besides the Bible) I’d recommend to anyone is: Childrens Church: Turning Your Circus Into A Service by Dick Gruber
  • I Love To: Ride my horse in the mountains & cook over the fire
  • I’m most excited about: Leading children into a closer relationship with Christ
  • My trademark expression is: Are you a good witch or a bad witch
  • The team I root for most is: Razorbacks & Colts
  • My proudest moment is: Seeing God use my efforts to His Glory
  • If I could I’d: Tried harder in spelling class
  • What I wish everyone knew: That Roundup Sunday really is a National Holiday
  • I love to eat: Food that I cook in my Dutch Ovens
  • I love: Raising miniature Donkeys with Gail
  • My perfect day would be: Riding in the mountains, cooking over the fire with my entire family
  • My favorite childhood memory is: Hearing The Sons Of The Gospel at our Sunday school picnic  
  • In my free time I: Ride my horses, Cowboy action shoot, play my guitar & mandolin, make Gail laugh
  • My favorite TV shows are: Gunsmoke, Gunsmoke, & more Gunsmoke
  • What I enjoy most: Playing my guitar & singing kids songs w/kids

Meet The Staff

  • Will Harmon Senior Pastor
  • Angie Harmon Worship Leader
  • Jason Nichols Executive Pastor
  • Nathan Barlow Youth Pastor
  • Johnny Miller Children's Pastor
  • Ray Copeland PrimeTimer's Pastor
  • Fran Rainwater Ministry Assistant
  • Devon Dundee Creative Media Director
  • Sheri Stell Children's Center Director